Career Services

What is Career Services?

Goodwill Career Services is a series of programs used to assist an individual’s transition into the workforce. Real life people needing real life services are what Goodwill is about. The referring agency is billed for services provided and is kept informed of a client’s progress through written reports and evaluations completed by Goodwill’s Career Services Specialists.

Training is offered at partner businesses throughout our community, Monday – Friday with hours and working conditions varying based on your choice of career goal. Individuals are typically referred for five – 10-day training experiences, however, training can be longer or shorter based on your referral source.


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Summer Youth

Summer Youth Program

Summer Youth Programs are intended to promote a student’s transition from school to post-secondary education, vocational training, or integrated employment. Services should include an evaluation of the consumer’s vocational needs, instruction on vocational topics such as interviewing skills, work behaviors, basic job readiness skills, and independent living skills, as well as integrated community based work experiences. Staff will work with students to learn job tasks and implant skills learned through instruction. Students will be paid Ohio minimum wage for time spent on work.


Career Exploration

Specialized program to assist clients in identifying vocational assets, aptitudes, interests, and potential barriers to employment. This program may include testing, community based assessments, labor market information, and occupational information.

Provides clients an opportunity to sample a particular job of interest. Evaluations assess the client’s capabilities, if the goal is realistic, and whether training should continue in the chosen career path. This allows clients to experience several job sites, each lasting only a few days.

Designed to assist clients with learning how to contact businesses, apply and interview with employers, network, and secure employment. Clients will also learn how to successfully identify and respond to potential job opportunities. This service addresses locating job opportunities, interviewing skills, and developing a job application/resume/cover letter. Learn how to follow up with employers, address potential barriers, and manager online profiles.

Supportive Career Services
Services may include such tasks as: assisting the consumer with purchasing appropriate work clothing, purchasing gas cards and/or transportation vouchers, and assisting consumer access to other community resources.

On the JOB Supports
Working with clients and their employers to problem solve and remove any barriers to job retention. On the Job Supports can assist with learning new job duties, quality/quantity of work standards, workplace communication, interpersonal skills, and appropriate work behavior. This service also provides assistance with developing natural and peer supports.

Travel Training
Utilized to teach individuals how to travel independently on public transportation. Instruction will include: learning how to schedule transportation requests with transportation providers, reading bus schedules, purchasing tokens/bus passes, training on the public transportation rules, demonstrating how to ride public transportation and contingency planning in the event of an emergency or unexpected issue such as missing a bus, getting off at the wrong stop, etc.

Specialized training in obtaining work behaviors necessary to gain and maintain employment in the community. Program includes proper work habits, social skills, quantity/quality of work, hygiene, acceptance of supervision, and safety awareness.