Night and Day Auto Detailing

Based out of Newark, Ohio, Night and Day Automotive Detailing
provides full-service detailing for any vehicle.

Detailing Ad
– Detailing Services Include –

Wash, Hand Polish, Door Jams Cleaned, Windows Inside and Out, Wheel Cleaning, Tire Shine, Vacuum Interior,  Carpet Shampoo, Upholstery Shampoo or Leather Treatment, and Vinyl Protectant for Dash, Console, Bumper and More!

Vehicle Detailing:   
Cars/Minivans $87.95
Trucks and Full Size Vans $97.95
Trucks and Vans  ¾ Ton and Up $117.95



Add On Services:
Clean Motor Compartment $22.95  |  Wiper Blade Replacement (per blade) $9.95
Rain Treatment for  Front or Rear Window $6.95  |  Both Windows and Save $11.95

(740) 345-6043 | 51 Wilson Street • Newark